Monday, May 4, 2009

monday musings

a storm is brewing outside and it's cold.

it's colder now than it was this morning. it's so cold even the dogs don't want to go out, especially harley who is small and not as tough as bear and lucy.

yesterday was a teaser day as we had warm weather and sunshine. we worked in the yard with mr. roll mowing and did some weeding, swept leaves up, and expecially enjoyed watching mr. roll chatting with his dogs. he sure does love his dogs.

after all the years i spent on xanga i must say the bloggers in here are better. they are intelligent. they are intelligent. there isn't a lot of venting and hatred about everything. it's refreshing. the hardest part is the fact that i am beginning new and do not have any followers, and i do miss that connection with people.

check this out: