Monday, October 5, 2009

another day another dollar . . .

it's a bit personal, but i feel i need to write about this on here. maybe someone else is suffering from the same .
i am 5'7. i weigh 135lbs. i would like to weigh 119lbs, however this has been a long time fictional dream and never one i have achieved. i eat what i want when i want and i don't diet. i come from good hearty peasant stock and i am happy. but, in the back of my mind i am always wanting to weigh 119lbs.
because about 25 years ago i read in a magazine that christie brinkley weighed 119lbs. i think it was about the time she was marrying billy joel, so it was a long time ago. anyway, that weight has stuck in my mind and i have never let it go. i have never been close to that weight. i have weighed this 135lbs since forever and ever and ever amen. it doesn't change. i weigh the same and i am a size 4-8 off the rack depending on the brand. i am happy. really i am.
i just want to step on the scale and see the number 119 flash before me. i don't want to read 135. i want to read 119.
how does one get there?
i don't diet. i don't watch what i eat. i don't count carbs or calories. i eat. i eat what i want. i eat what i want when i want. i eat however much i want until i am full and then i stop.
i don't even know how to begin a diet. how pitiful is that? so, here i am beginning a diet. a diet to try and get to 119lbs. how long will this take? i have no idea. it may take a few weeks? maybe a few months? longer?
i'll keep you posted.


  1. I have no advice because I follow the same rule of thumb and I also want to lose weight. I am cheering you on though!!

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  3. Sounds like you're already at your set point, and your weight sounds very reasonable for someone your height. Your clothing size is also small. So here's the thing, maybe Christy was eating in an unhealthy way to maintain such a low weight.

    Numbers are just numbers, after all. If you look good (and a size 4-8, in my mind, means you look great!), then maybe the thing to do is just let the weight take care of itself.

    Having said that, there's nothing wrong with cutting out sugar and the bad kinds of carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, etc. And not eating fried foods is always a good rule of thumb to follow, just for health reasons. In this way, you would be eating smart (and healthy) and would probably drop a bit of weight. But I wouldn't focus on weighing a certain number, just on eating in the healthiest way possible.

    Sorry to write such a book, but your questions really got me thinking.

    Good luck!


  4. Mari, wasn't it you that wanted the book? (your screen name is different)....I got it for you (if it is you)! Contact me so I will know how to get it to you!


  5. Hey there beautiful! Thanks for coming to say hi at my blog! I am kind of this your blog? Do you have more than one? Anyway I am laughing at your post because some may call you crazy because you look great already BUT I am the same as you. I hold a standard in my head and want to reach I get it :) You are one of six girls...PLease give me any advice you may have ....haha