Thursday, August 13, 2009

thursday it is . . .

thunderstorms sweep along western washington. we certainly are hearing them out here on the plateau. so loud that lucy, our rhodesian ridgback, is clinging to mr. roll. all 90lbs of her wants to be cuddled in his lap. she is so funny sometimes. here she is the alpha dog with the other two dogs, but sh is scared to pieces of loud noises. and the sad eyes he can give just breaks your heart. mr. roll took her upstairs to his office where he made her comfy on the futon while he sits at his desk and works on his computer.

i haven't been around for sometime. i spent the weekend on cameo island with girlfriends. it was beautiful. we had a fabulous time out there. we stayed at the state park, the cabins were cheap, right on the water. sitting out on the deck in the evening enjoying the beautiful sunset. enjoying the wine and the company. bbqing. smoking the salmon. fun. fun. fun.

i've been a little disillusioned this week with fellow bloggers. i'm not so much disillusioned with the mama-blogger that seems to have some controversy surrounding her. she is what she is and she chooses what to share and what not to share. and in her defense, certainly blogging is one way to make your life be exactly what you want it to, when in reality it is far from it. unfortunately for mama-blogger the events in her life she was hiding were all public record and someone found them. why did someone go looking? i have no idea but they did and then made blogger world public what they found. not a good refection of either.

what has really bothered me in all this is the fact that the fans/followers of mama-blogger are nasty mean. attacking anyone and everyone that questions the mama blogger. christian? no. no one is allowed an opinion that is different or opposes mama-blogger. no one is allowed to ask where her sick baby is. so where is he? 100's of bloggers are curious as to where he is and if he was left behind, just days after leaving the hospital where he almost died. maybe i should make that allegedly almost died? 100's of bloggers are curious as to what went on while he was in the hospital with the twittering and all as his heart is stopping. a continuim of strange behavior. mama-blogger seems to not hold herself accountable.
uncomfortable al the way around.
got this of my chest.

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  1. You summed this up perfectly, could not have said it better myself!
    I am so envious of a trip away with the girls, one day that time will come. I got a day away with my kids at a campground and even though it was absent the wine, it was a wonderful time too!
    Glad to see you posting again, I missed your updates!