Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tuesday thoughts

today was a day for errand running. it began when the power was off due to some street work the city is doing n9t far from our home. i vaguely remember the notices they posted on the front door last week to make us aware this was happening, but come on how many people actually note that on a calendar? i didn't. so while i'm in the shower this morning the lights went out. not a big deal. i got my shower and although i couldn't dry my hair i put some gel in it and left it curly all day. since there was no power i decided to take mom and get out of the house and i had plenty of errands to run to keep us busy for a while.
first stop was starbucks where we sat with our coffee and i with my book. i also ran in to a few friends there so that was a nice treat too. mom sat in her cozy chair by the fireplace and enjoyed her coffee and marshmallow square. it doesn't matter what time we go into starbucks mom always has a marshmallow square. she loves them. i was looking forward to have a little down time of reading. i am on the 6th sookie stackhouse "true blood" series book. i am enjoying this series even though it is off the track of what i usually read. sometimes it is a good thing to step outside the norm and life on the wild side of all things vampire and shape shifter and fairies and witches. i only have one more book in the series after this and then i have the new john adams novel waiting for me.
after starbucks it was time for physical therapy. linda was ready for me. i felt so good today and linda commented that i was getting so much better. we spent time at the wellness center using a machine then i worked on my balance and finished up walking around the building three times. i didn't fall or even sway, not one time today. i am getting better and it feels good.
after pt i had to head over to bonney lake to the sprint store. my blackberry broke. it had some message that read "error 120" on the screen and wouldn't tell me what to do with it to correct it. thankfully they fixed it and there was no charge. i lost my entire address book, but it could have been worse i could have lost the entire phone and had to buy a new one. i'll slowly be adding names back in as i run into people i suppose. i did get mr. roll, dylan and zak back in, and two sisters shannon and jeni. i need to back up my phone onto my laptop.
after sprint we stopped at target and then fred meyers to do some grocery shopping. w arrived home about 3:30 and the power came on about 10 minutes later so it was perfect timing.
saturday we are invited to a bbq at the home of the parents, debbie and mark, of one of zak's best friends jon. last november jon's younger brother committed suicide. trevor was 17 years old. i had never met trevor not had i met debbie and mark until the memorial service. tragic. we recently had dinner with debbie and mark and debbie seemed to just need to have someone she could talk about trevor with. someone she could show the shrine in the family room to. someone who wasn't there to judge anyone or anything. saturday will be trevor's 18th birthday and again i will be there for her to talk all she needs to and i will listen. mr. roll and mark seemed to bond over a ps3 f22 game. we're there for them to use us as they need. and i love to cook so i'm planning to take some awesome food along including a coffee cake (not a cake you have coffee with in the morning, but a coffee flavored cake with buttercream frosting). i can't even imagine going through what they have been through. i'll be there.
mr. roll and i are seeing a counselor to help us come to terms with some things in regard to mom. when we first brought her to washington to live we thought she'd get her own home. that wasn't going to be the case as we discovered she couldn't live alone, or shouldn't. she is now 90 and dementia is taking over and taking control. we are not so sure how much longer we can safely even have her in our home and it may be time to begin looking at a care facility for her. i feel so guilty. i feel like my sisters are going to come down hard on me. mind you not one of them has ever offered to even so much as come stay for a week with her so mr. roll and i can go away together. seeing the counselor is helping me deal with it all and put it all into words.


  1. What a gift to give someone, your time, your listening and care...truly a great gift!
    I'm glad the physical therapy is going so well for you.
    I'll be praying for you and the tough decisions you are faced with making in the near future.

  2. You are such a sweet person to give your friends support during this difficult time. So many people forget after the immediate crisis is over.....and that's when the hard part actually begins.

    Praying for you while you have to make these tough decisions.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the True Blood books....but there are 9 total books. The 9th just came out about a month ago and unfortunately it's still only in hardback.

    If you would like to borrow mine, just let me know and I would be happy to mail them to you!


    Robin :o)

  3. Hey Mari! I actually did a sleep study a few years ago...didn't have sleep apnea, but it did say that I didn't enter into stages 3 or 4 sleep that night at all. I have long suspected that to be the cause of my daytime fatigue. When we get insurance again, I will probably try to see if I can give it another go of figuring it out. Thanks so much for the thoughts!