Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wednesday wantings

mt. rainier from the plateau

the heat wave is back. it's 90+ outside today here on the plateau. that would be the mt. rainier plateau.

today i managed to get my lawn mowed. our home is 109 years old and we have a double lot here in the old historical part of town. thankfully the previous owners had added on a large family room and a master suite to the house so those two improvements have been done. the kitchen is in dire need of a remodel, but now i am so sued to it being so small i like it--less to clean up.
i love to cook and often times find myself in the kitchen creasting something for my family, so a bigger kitchen would be nice, but i like my little space. it's me. it hasn't stopped me at all. just last night while i was making chicken curry for dinner, standing my the sink cutting up the chicken and looking out the window at my apple tree and smiling. there on the tree were hundreds of apples waiting to be picked. so i did. after i put the lid on the chicken i grabbed some bags and went out the back door to pick some apples. i came in and made an apple pie, and this morning i peeled the rest and sprinkled them with lemon juice to freeze until a later time.
the rest of today consists of probably doing at least one load of laundry. then later on mr. roll and i are going to take the dogs and pick blackberries which i may can tonight or tomorrow depending on how warm it is. we don't ave a/c here in western washington so when we get a heat wave we pretty much shut down and we whine.


  1. i love mt. rainier! gorgeous!
    and blackberries, apples & pie? oh my!

  2. We lived in Bremerton for 4 years and during that time there was one killer heat wave. It was 1995, the year Isaac my 3rd was born. I remember the chocolate chips melting into a big clump in the cabinet and other food catastrophes!!
    I loved seeing Mt. Rainier (sorry if I spelled it wrong) every day though, and sometimes the whales coming up into Puget Sound. I took the ferry over to Pike Place a lot and got lost in a used book store. I have so many wonderful memories of my time there. We never once needed air conditioning other than that summer of '95 and yes I did whine my pregnant head off!!!