Monday, September 21, 2009

monday . . .

this morning mr. roll and i got up early and headed into the hospital to see mom. she had a stress test and then pictures taken of her heart, and they are keeping her again tonight for observation, and to run partII of the stress test tomorrow. we left to come home about 3;00pm., exhausted, can i tell you how exhausting it is to be at the hospital all day, sitting there doing absolutely nothing. mr. roll and i both had our book and while he was able to read his, i couldn't concentrate for anything. it felt good to come home and collapse on the safe with the house all to myself.
tomorrow morning i will be back to the hospital, and hopefully will be able to bring mom home.
the weather is so warm today and even going to be warmer tomorrow. where is our rain? today is the last day of summer, but i am so ready for fall at this point. we've had such a dry summer and this has produced flies. flies in numbers i have never seen before. we don't have screens in seattle. we don't have insects. we don't have bugs. we don't have things crawling through our homes or flying around driving us nuts. not until this summer. not enough rain to kill them all off and they have procreated by the 1000's. i actually had to purchase a fly swat and fly spray. these flies are making me crazy buzzing all over the place. pesty annoying things they are.
pearl jam tomorrow night. local home grown band and i love them. tomorrow night we will be there. then some night this week we are going to see wicked with my son zak. he needs to tell me when though. we have free tickets to the play as the cast took a tour on zak's boat and he spoke with one of the actors telling her how much we love musicals and when we've been in nyc visiting my older son we can never get tickets to wicked. she offered us great seats and backstage tour, and all we have to do is pick up the tickets at will-call. i like this.
tonight it's just mr. roll and i for dinner, and he has his men's woodworking group, so dinner will be late. he's working on a rocking chair for an auction coming up in two weeks. two years ago he made them one and it went for $2800, so hopefully this one will do well too regardless of the economy. his rocking chairs are mission style and they are beautiful. after the auction he can get back to work on my (our) living room furniture--all mission style. and as for dinner it is chicken enchiladas with a chili verde sauce. very good in deed.

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  1. Pearl Jam...lucky lady.

    I hope your mom is okay! We will be thinking of you!