Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sonshine

the mariners won today. mariners 7 -- yankees 1. it was a fun game. graffey hit a home run and had another run in there some place too. alex was booed every time he walked to bat, or walked to the field. alex is not well liked in seatown, and he knows it. in fact i wonder if alex is actually liked at any ball park who walks onto?
before i go on with today let me tell you about robin. robin has just hosted her 200th blog post and is having a giveaway, so be sure to check her out at
we left the house this morning and mom was fine. she was here and i left her instructions to just stay down on the sofa, in the family room, until we came home from the baseball game. the dogs were here with her. we came home from the game and mom was no where to be found, but we did find a card from the fire department in out front door. we raced off to the hospital but she wasn't there. i called the card and the told me they had taken mom into auburn thinking she was having a heart
we raced off to the hospital in auburn and found mom already admitted to a room on floor 3. she was happy to see us when we walked in. they do believe she has had a heart attack, but will know more tomorrow. the doctor doess think she has probably had a heart attack. i am happy to have her a larger hosital then the tiny one here in enumblaw.
we'll know more tommorw.

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