Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tuesday thoughts

school begins, not granted i don't have children at home but school did begin this week, and i have the stomach bug. yuck. the only time i got up today was to take a shower and go to occupational therapy for craniosacral therapy. it always makes me feel like i've run a 10k, but i also feel better too so i went. i actually feel asleep during the procedure. came home and slept for 3 more hours.
mr. roll came home from work and brought me an oreo mcflurry, which i tried to eat but couldn't. i love soft ice cream and especially dairy queen which we don't have in our little village, so i sometimes settle for a mcflurry. it was the thought that counts. a lot. he also made me some vegetable soup for dinner which i did eat. it felt good to eat and keep something down. maybe i am on the upswing here. i hope
we have tickets to the mariniers game tomorrow afternoon. they are playing the angels. i was hoping they were playing the a's when i first glanced at the tickets--the a's are my team. i lived in berkeley for 30 years and the a's have it!!! it will be fun regardless, i just hope i am feeling better so i can enjoy it.
one of zak's best friends will be at the game too. he said he'd text mr. roll to meet for a beer. he's a smart young man because he knows if he meets up with mr. roll, that mr. roll will buy him a beer. actually this isn't just one of zak's friends, it is also his roommate and our other son.
this is about it for me tonight. not feeling well enough to lay here with the laptop on top of me and try to type.
peace out.

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