Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesday wine

i don't really know why i haven't blogged in almost a week. other than an episode of meniere's on monday i have been doing well, in general.
on monday, being as it was a holiday and mr. roll had the day off, we headed into tukwilla too barnes & noble. i needed to pick up my book club book, "losing julia" as book club is this friday and i hadn't even bought the book yet. good grief, this is not the way i usually operate. and i wanted to see if i could find book 8 & 9 of the sookie stackhouse series. no luck with any of them. losing julia is out of print, so i came home and ordered it on amazon. books 8 & 9 were out of stock, and luckily i had already ordered them from amazon, i was just a bit impatient for book 9 to arrive, and my son wanted me to pick them up for him too.
kindle anyone? have you heard of kindle? do you have one? i got one as a free gift from my son. amazon held some sort of important meeting on one of his boats, and they passed out the kindles to everyone and the leftovers were offered to the crew, and he got one for me too. lucky me. i love it. you simply type int he book title and click to pay $6.99 and it's downloaded immediately. to try it out i downloaded book #8, of sooke stackhouse, and it appeared. it took me about 30 seconds to get used to the book being on a screen and not paper. then i discovered that if i plug my ipod ears into the kindle i get the book on audio. i've never done a book on audio and i have a little trouble staying with the reading so i don't know that i will use it often, but it's still cool. this kindle has been sitting in the pile in my dining room for at least 6 months, and i finally tried it out and i enjoy it. if you don't have one yet, go get one. i say that with no idea how much they cost.
this afternoon we were off to the oncologist to see how mr. roll's tests last week turned out. nothing has changed so we are happy. this is the first time his cancer has pretty much stayed at bay. it seems to be simply sitting there doing nothing. not growing. not spreading. but it is there nonetheless. mr. roll is still refusing chemo as he likes having his life back too much. i like it too and as long as the dr. is agreeable to no chemo, we're good.
you have no idea how much we are appreciating the fact that we can make plans and keep them. as a surprise i bought mr. roll baseball series tickets for the mariners/yankees series coming up the weekend after next. we haven't been able to do something like this in 5 years. it's exciting. this weekend we are going to the cougar game, saturday, at quest field. on sunday we're going to seahawks game. i am not a football fan, but i will go to be with mr. roll and i will love watching him being able to have fun.
my study guide books for the lsat arrived this week. scary looking. mom oh mom, do i have to learn how to think again. wow. i thumbed through and i realize how much studying i need to do before i attempt to take this exam. but i am feeling good at having made this decision to pursue law school. age doesn't matter one bit. mr. roll is so supportive of this decision and i feel so blessed to have him by my side.
speaking of school, tomorrow i have to get registered for my classes at university of washington. very exciting.

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