Saturday, September 12, 2009

saturday at last

today was so warm and sunny outside. it was the perfect day for a picnic in the park, which is exactly what our church did. we held a sunday school kickoff bbq in a park right by the church, and right in front of the town library. we had lots of those giant air filled jumping things that kids like to much. we had hamburgers and hotdogs and chips. there was also a car show going on downtown so a lot of families were there too and would stop by the bbq for something to eat and the kids could play.
we took our three dogs with us, and mom of course. mom was able to sit and visit with her crowd of friends giving mr. roll and i the rare opportunity to visit with ours. mr. roll bought food bands for the dogs so they too could enjoy a hotdog or two. i appreciated him doing this as i was concerned they would beg, and i didn't want that. the dogs were well behaved and i think people were happy that our doggies didn't disrupt the fun. lucy, our hound, was especially happy that one little girl named hannah spent much of the afternoon sitting my her and rubbing her. lucy was so pleased she even rolled on her back so hannah could get to her tummy. hannah was please when mr. roll told her that lucy must really like her a lot if she rolled on her back.
i enjoyed being able to sit in the sun and enjoy talking to two of my closest friends at church, debbie and judy. we're all the same age and they were my first two friends i made when i moved to this town. debbie's husband troy is mr. roll's closest friend here in town.
book club was on friday afternoon and while i didn't care of the book, "losing julia", i did read it. book club is good at getting me to read outside my comfort zone. there are 9 of us in book club and only two, of the women, liked the book. i didn't, but i did like that the story took place during WW1. i am not an expert on WW1, and i appreciated that this book triggered something in me to read more about about that time period. probably i will look for a non-fiction historical documentary type book to read. i know, how boring can i be.
our book club meets at sip city, right downtown. we do wine tasting while we enjoy conversing about our book. i live in a very small town, slightly south east from seattle. many of the people who live out here commute into seattle for work, including mr. roll, and i will be commuting into UW for school in a couple of weeks. but being a small town and that we meet on friday 4-6, once a month in the wine shop, we often times have fellow neighbors or church friends or simply people we know come in and join us in conversation. it is a lot of fun.
mr. roll and i are trying to decide whether or not to go to the rodeo tomorrow at the fair over in puyallup. i usually love the rodeo, but i don't want to go to the fair on a sunday afternoon--it will be too crowded. i'd rather we go one day during the week when it won't be crowded. mr. roll will take a vacation day and we'll spend the afternoon at the fair. so i think i solved my own problem and we won't go tomorrow. good decision.
i talked to my oldest son dylan on friday too. friday was a good day it seems. he's busy with work. the film he was going to be working on was cancelled due to the studio, or whoever controls all the money, refusing to pay certain high salaries. i'm sure there is a lot more involved, but in essence it was canceled over money and the studio not wanting to spend anymore than they were. dylan then took on a television show. little background . . . dylan has done television work and hated it. after he graduated from college and he moved to nyc he had a job with a&e and he edited "dog the bounty hunter. i can't even tell you how he felt about that show and the people in it. hated it. while at a&e he also did some show about wife swapping and another one a few other reality shows. then he went to mtv and did more reality tv. he finally graduated to film and has been doing film editing for a few years now, and he loves what he does. he's doing this television show and it's not reality tv, and he's enjoying it. the show is called 3rd-rock. he had another film coming up and will be out of the country on that, but in the meantime he is enjoying the tv show. he told me i need to watch it and assured me it is a good show. i will watch it this week.

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  1. I am so glad you all had a good day at the picnic! I agree with you, too crowded on a Sunday afternoon for comfort. Being at home sounds much calmer and comforting!
    That is so cool that your son is editing for 30 really is a great show...Extremely funny!!! And I bet Dog the Bounty Hunter would be a real mess to try to edit. He must have the patience of a saint! LOL!


    Robin :o)