Monday, April 20, 2009

monday musings

the sun is warm and i am enjoying sitting out on the deck, with my mom, and watching the dogs rumble on the lawn as the every once in a while stop to shout out the other neighborhood dogs, as if to let them know they are here. life is good today.

this morning i got up, showered and headed out to starbucks with my laptop. i thought i'd take some time to sit out on their patio and check email and blog, maybe even chat on facebook. sitting there the weather although sunny grew a bit windy and i got too cold so i came home to my deck to do the same. i could or should be in the house cleaning and doing laundry, but mr. roll is home sick with a cold so i prefer to keep the house quiet for him. any excuse to not do housework works wonders for me.

my zak called this morning to tell me we were invited to a friend's home for mother's day. zak is still very close to his college friends. the ones he met when he first went off to college. none of them knew each other beforehand and 4 of the 5 boys were from out of state, including my zak. zak graduated from high school in california and then moved to washington with me that same summer to begin college at wsu. his friends are amazing and the boys love to organize parties for all the parents to come to. they think of it as a reunion of sorts. i am excited to go and already trying to plan what to bring for the bbq.

i had so many plans for what i wanted to do with this new blog. i read so many blogs and a few them are fabulously good. great writing and content. i want that too. but you know what? my blog is simply about the random things that jump into my mind once my finger tips hit the keyboard. nothing more and nothing less. i need to embrace this and celebrate my own blog and what it means to me. it is for me after all.

maybe tonight we'll bbq chicken and add to dinner the leftover potato salad from last night, and cut up the watermelon. and i have artichokes in the fridge too. good dinner tonight.


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  1. hi mari, i came over from your 'comment' on my blog to have a look and say hello!

    and i think it's just fine for a blog to be 'about nothing'. after all, most blogs ARE (about nothing, that is!).

    thank you for sharing your adoption story over on c jane. i read it with great interest too. how wonderful you have a strong relationship with your adult daughter, and how sad that our 'system' can prevent such bonds as yours from becoming legal. that's just criminal, i think. still, nothing can break your and your daughter apart. now she's 26 (i think you said?) i was wondering - - can you adopt her now? i once read about a situation like that. not that you need it or anything...just wondered.

    thank you for becoming a follower over at my blog. i hope i won't disappoint you!