Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wednesday wantings

today has been a lazy day. lazy may be my new code word for depressed. i stayed upstairs all day reading and/or watching the food network.

i used to adore paula on the food network. my southern roots loved her and i certaily related to all her fried food and love of mayo and real buter, but lately she is getting on my nerves. i don't eat the food of my youth and i grew tired of seeing paula deen prepare it and eat it. i would often comment to myself that the woman is killing herself.

of course my mom and her siblings are all still healthy and they've eaten this food their entire lives. being both french and southern guarantees that whatever is prepared will be covered in a cream based gravey. the joys of cream based gravey. i shouldn't be so hard on paula deen.

i've spent a little time today determined to figure out what is wrong with me physically. determined to have information to take to my doctor. out of the blue i came upon "celiac disease". it was a bit scary that this would be so close to the symtoms i am having. my seaching for something comes along after i went 'septic' in december.

septic shock knocked me fora loop and my health has not been the same since. functioning is a dat to day event for me. i am hesitant to make plans for fear i won't be up for it once the day arrives. we've made plans for easter sunday with my son zak and i am adament that i will follow through and be able to participate. we've also been invited to a party on saturday night and we must attend this. praying it all goes well within my body to fulfill these events.

it's all good.


mrs. roll

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