Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Sonshine

it's good to feel so exhausted.

this morning mr. roll and i woke early to get to church by 9:00am where we were meeting up with other church members to go out into our community and do various work related projects. there was a group going to the library to clean the windows and work in the garden beds, another group working in the church social hall breaking 900lbs of rice into 3 cup bags to be taken to the local food bank, another group walking through the neighborhoods collecting canned and boxed food for the same food bank, another group preparing boxes for the teen mom program at the high school, another group writing cards to soldiers serving in iraq, another group going out to the homes of seniors to mow and weed yards, change fire alam batteries and other odds and end jobs needing done. mr. roll and i went with a group going to prepare a bbq at a homeless camp out on the green river gorge.

we enjoyed the fellowship with fellow church members some of which we knew well and others we met today and immediately became friends with. the greatest joy was meeting the men, women and children who came by to enjoy table fellowship with us. a lot of laughing, talking and having fun. this is how i see spending a sunday. doing god's work. amen.


mrs. roll

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