Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tuesday thoughts

today was a magical day of nothingness . . .

i woke up early and for some reason i got up and stayed up. this is always a ood sign for me and one that causes me to pause and think that septic shock was just a nightmare and didn't really happen to me. alas it did happen, but today there was no evidence of it.

i cleaned the master bathroom and then took off for starbucks to do some writing. i had a lot more planned to do at home, but mr. roll decided to work at home which meant i could not work to clean the home office. i happily fled to a day alone in my own space and time world. it's all good.

i spent time on facebook. i worked on my letter of intent for paralegal programs in the seattle area--there are only 3. i went to seattle tan where i was introduced to a new bronzing tanning lotion, a new face cream, and a new after tan lotion. wow. i felt touched when baily, the worker at the tanning salon. told me she had the newest lotion on hold for me because she knew i would love it! i did and i bought it. wow is all i can say about it, since i already look darker. i am happy i finally bought a face cream for tanning as i know the regular lotion is too much for the face and does nothing to protect it from getting too tan, which my face is. i haven't been too tan since i was in high school sitting out on the beach covered in crisco to burn to a deep tan. that is exactly what we did back then. amazing i don't have skin cancer by now.

i am leaving for las vegas in 2 weeks and i am so ready to go. i want the warm weather and the pool to sit by. when i spoke with shannon today she mentioned that we needn't use her pool because the casino pools were now open to the public . . . i say we hit the palms or mandaly bay. whichever.

my poor dog bear has an ear infection. i must create the picture for you of bear and harley. bear is a 100lbs dog. he's a big gentle giant part retriever and part newfundland. he is the kindest dog i have ever known and he lives to make his mom (me) and dad (mr. roll) happy and content. harley is the little 20lbs guy. harley is a brussels griffon terrier, who should weight 12lbs. so to say that he is over weight is to say the least. harley loves bear so much and to watch them together is to see too soul mates. the problem is that harley licks bears ears which always leads to an infection in bears ears. all day today bear hasn't felt good. i could see this as early as this morning when he was laying on the bedroom floor with his head resting on his pink bunny. the pink bunny is his oldest and favorite toy, in fact we try to keep the other two dogs from ever touching brear's pink bunny as we know it will upset him. he dragged the pink bunny all over today as he wen toutside then into the family room to lay down and now into the family room on the couch with daddy and his head resting on his pink bunny. mr. roll will take him to see dr. heather tomorrow and get the ear drops for him. harley needs to stay away from bear's ears.

i'm going to a cabi party on friday evening and i hope to buy some new things to take to las vegas and the warm weather.


mrs. roll

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