Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tuesday thoughts

another day of sunshine. i took mom out this afternoon and we went to starbucks where we say outside in the warm sun and enjoyed our cool drinks and chatting with others doing the same. we get so few days like this here in the damp pacific northwest that we call come out of our caves when the sun appears. tomorrow the rain is reappearing.

as i sat sipping my cool drink i began to think about dinner tonight. while i do meal plan for the week sometimes what i planned doesn't seem "right" because the weather changed. tonight was not a baked chicken and pasta night as i don't want to heat up the kitchen and lets be honest we can eat baked chicken any time. no chicken tonight, tonight is a grilled salmon night. grilled on a plank and served with a warm buttery lemon sauce, a big salad with lots of beautiful organic leaves, and of course avocado in there too 9and whatever else i find in the veggie drawer of the fridge. good meal it will be.

i talked with shannon today about las vegas, i am so excited to gather with the girls in my family and hang out together. we've ad our moments of discontent and this time just seems different. this time it seems like all of us want to be there and be together. it's all good.

it is time to start dinner.


mrs. roll

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