Thursday, April 30, 2009

thursday thankfulls

a visit to the dr. didn't turn out as i thought . . .

mr. roll met me at the dr. kane's office this afternoon where i was being seen to begin testing. testing for the residual affects of septic shock and hopefully make a diagnosis as to what i have going on inside my body.

21 vials of blood were taken from me. i feel my life is resting in those 21 vials of blood going off to labs around the country. i didn't particulary want to hear more from the doctor, but being married to an engineer means that we weren't leaving without information on what was on the list of things to look for in the blood work.


kidney disease.


not what i wanted to hear. but, it is the worst and it can get better if these are false. false. false. false. this is my prayer.


mrs. roll


  1. I will be praying!!!

    I have an award for you on my blog!


    Just A Gal...

  2. Good lord 21 vials?!!! Do you have any left? That is an insane amount of blood. I hope they find what is going on soon.