Thursday, April 9, 2009

thursday thankfulls

thursday are always a good day for me. i think it's because tomorrow is friday and then the weekend is here and mr. roll is home for two whole days with me. i love to be with mr. roll.

speaking of mr. roll tomorrow he has a ct scan to see where the nasty cancer is now. his last ct scan showed he had a spot around his heart area, and the bigproblem is that they can't get to it to biopsy or do radiation on it due to organs being in the way from every direction. not good. but as always mr. roll keeps his spirits up and knows that god is in control of everything and this offers him a sense of peace and understanding.

i worry. a lot. an awful lot.

i will be with him tomorrow. he never goes to any appointment alone. something i have noticed is that women come to oncology appointments and chemotherapy an radiation in mass groups of support systems. sisters, moms, friends they all come together to support the cancer patient. men, however come alone. i am one of the few females that i see accompaning a male patient, i would never let mr. roll go through this alone. never. i've made good friends with the chemo nurses and his team of doctors treating him. it's a blessing to be able to go with him.

after the ct scan i'll come home to get mom and take her to macy's to try and find us something new to wear on easter. we'll be joining my son for brunch aboard his boat for the day. we'll be at church saturday night for the conteporary service. when i was growng up mom always dressed us all alike on holidays, and she still likes to do this even though she is now 90 and i am 51. imagine. i pick the outfits and she is happy, and that makes me happy.


mrs. roll

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