Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Sonshine

i took the week off from blogging, but i couldn't offer you up a great reason other than i have had a wretched earache. after a trip the doctor and antibiotics i am feeling better, but still not up to par and i blame this on the residual affects of septic shock.

since "going septic" (as my doctor refers to me as) my balance has been off quite a bit. i still have trouble walking and stairs are almost impossible. i walk up our stairs slower than my 90 year old mother, and i can't count how many times i have fallen at the middle landing. my balance will return i hope, but in the meantime i grow somewhat used to it all. the ear ache seems to have thrown it off even worse and this has been most annoying.

enough complaints.

today was a beautiful sunny warm day in the pacific northwest. we haven't had spring like this yet and it's been a day to behold. i spent the afternoon sitting outside on the patio reading the sunday newspaper and eating pistachios and sushi that i went and bought--it was a craving. i didn't know at 51 years old i could have such a craving as this one for sushi. i bought some and brought it home and enjoyed a few pieces, then began sharing it with the dogs. yes, i fed sushi to my dogs. i discovered that harley and bear love sushi. lucy ate one piece, then i saw that she actually separated the fish from the rice in the california roll--smart hound dog that she is. the biggest surprise was danny, our grand-dog, who wanted nothing to do with the sushi. the first piece i offered him he took and then spit it out and wanted nothing to do with anymore. bear gobbled up danny's castoff (lol). it was such a gorgeous day and i really loved being able to sit outside and take in the sun.

tomorrow my mom's new care taker is coming over. she stopped by today as she was out walking her dog with her mom and saw that we were home. i love that she feels comfortable enough with us to do this, and mom enjoyed seeing her and spent quite some time talking out front with her. mom hasn't been too excited about my adding a second caretaker to the schedule every week and she's been very concerned that kurt, who original caretaker will feel bad knowing she now has caitlin too. i assured her that kurt know and is fine, he can only work so many hours a week as it is as he has two other people he provides home care for. caitlin is wonderful and mom simply needs to get to know her better. mom was suspicious with kurt when he first began 2 years ago and now she absolutely loves him like a member of our family, which is has become in our hearts. caitlin stopping by was a good move for getting closer to mom and i think it helped a lot. we were also able to adjust her times when she will come and this change works better for all of us. it's all good.

in one month all the girls in my family (mom, jeni, laura, shannon, kathy and myself) will be gathering at shan's house in las vegas for "girls week". we're staying for an entire week and just having fun bonding by the pool tanning. we'll be going the third week in may and i, for one, and counting the days. shannon and i are planning the week and we want family fun! you can imagine with so many girls in the family, and a mom with a strong personality, a family get together can be either good or bad, and they have been both many many times. this will be the very first time we've ever done 'just the girls' together without out kids and husbands. i'm hoping it will be just like growing up together and we'll be best friends all week. maybe? i am the eternal optimist.

sitting here on the sofa in the family room with mr. roll, and the sleeping dogs who had way too much fun running outside in the yard all day enjoying the warm weather.


mrs. roll

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