Monday, June 29, 2009

monday musings

ever feel like a slug? i woke up this morning feeling energized and excited to get to yoga. i made coffee, dressed, and headed out the door. i had thought i'd walk over but the decided to go to the tanning salon while i was out so i drove. feeling guilty as i pulled into the parking lot taking up a space and seeing the back of my house as i exited the car and walked to the room. guilty i say.

kurt was scheduled to come over and take care of mom today so i had the day "off". well, i was so tired from yoga i didn't go to tan thinking i would go later in the day. i came home and fell fast asleep and woke up at 4:30pm. i slept from noon until 4:30p,. that is rediculous, but i have to believe i needed the sleep. i had all kinds of things on my agenda for the day and didn't do any of them.

i appreciated having kurt here with mom so i could sleep undisturbed. i'm still tired tonight and i hope i am feeling much more alert tomorrow.

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