Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Sonshine

great day today. mr. roll and i helped out at our church's "faith in action sunday". faith in action is something we do in our community by going out into our community and doing projects. today we worked at garrett park, right by our home. mr. roll painted the baseball backstop and i did hospitality. hospitality included offering treats of cookies and cupcakes, lemonaide and ice tea to the skate boarders in the park, and anyone else there too. there were about 50 of us working throughout the park and it was true fellowship in the community.

afterwards i had to stop by the market to pick up a few things for dinner tonight and 3 different people said they saw me at the park working and said how good the park looked after we all finished. they wanted to know what church we were and thanked us. one gentleman even said he might come to church next saturday night. god in action.

mom wasn't able to come today, but she stayed home and down just like i asked her to. this afternoon she sat outside while i worked in our yard. she kept telling me she wished she could help me, but i assured her i was fine and to just stay put on the deck. after a while she came in to take a nap. i followed her about 5:00pm.

i was fine until i tried to use the weed whacker. my left should blade was not letting me win over the weed whacker. tonight i am so sore i can hardly stand it. septic shock has left me as half the person i was before december 08. i can't do simple things anymore.

tomorrow morning i start my yoga classes. i used to do yoga and then when i went back to work my schedulke was so crazy i couln't keep the class schedule. i am so excited to get back to it. i am basically a different person physically now though and they have a class just for people like me called "gentle/thereputic". it's for people who have a serious illness or recovering from one. septic shock certainly counts there. i'm going 3x's a week. after i get aclimated back into yoga i hope to be able to add tai chi to my regime. i want so badly to be in better shape and the only way for that to happen is for me to get up and make it happen. my doctors are encouraging me and suggested yoga and tai chi.

it was also fun today to spend time out in our yard with mr. roll. we mowed and weeded and cleaned up things. fun to do it all with him. it was a good day together.

a beautiful day weather wise too. sunny and so warm. i made a pot roast for dinner which didn't exactly fit the weather, but i knew i would be tired and pot roast is a simple slow cooker meal. it was perfect. so perfect in fact that lucy helped herslef to the leftover 1/2 roast sitting on the kitchen counter. bad girl she is.

we make our own dog food so when i make a pot roast i make a couple or more roasts at one time to make dog food with. tonight mr. roll gave lucy some gravy but she got no meat with her. harley and bear, on the other hand, had their bowls filled to th rim with delicious put roast mixed with grains. happy dogs they are.


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