Monday, June 29, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

i really do find myself an impeccable fashionista (lol)

on a week long trip to chicago with my 25 year old son, i did not come out of the bathroom, in our hotel, and ask him to help me hook my bra every morning.

after bible study thursday night i was talking to several friends and the conversation turned towards bras--something we all wear. we were discussing our favorite labels and i spoke up about wacol, my personal favorite and i must own 30 of them. my friend linda lifted her shirt to show us her new bra from victoria secret, and then i did not, without even thinking, lift up my shirt to show my standby wacol . . . oops, no bra. i did not go off to bible study with nothing on under my t-shirt and sweater.

weight loss can be a good thing unless it's sunday and i am working in the garden. i did not lose my shorts while weeding the side yard. nope, that did not happen.

tonight, making burgers for dinner, i did not slip leftover sliced beets onto mr. roll's burger and no tell him/warn him that i did this. sometimes it's just hard to toss things out, especially when i find them delicious, but mr. roll is doesn't.

that about does it for me tonight.

enjoy your week everyone.

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