Thursday, June 18, 2009

thursday thankfulls

american idol. i am a proud mom. zak is auditioning. he's wanted to do this for years now and if he doesn't do it now he will be too old next time. it's a one in a million shot, but it doesn't matter. he's doing it. he can say he tried. i am a proud mom, i am.

he booked us into a beautiful hotel (every mother should have a gay son:). we're going to see "wicked". the 5 days we are there will be filled with fun. they will also be filled with sitting in the humid heat in line praying that he gets to go before the judges. whatever.

i'm going to miss mr. roll. it seems like i just returned from las vegas after being away for a month and now i am off again. i think when i return frm chicago i want to plan a trip for us. maybe a river trip in utah? on a blog i read (cjane) she wrote about rampant modesty in utah. what is rampant modesty? i'm from berkeley and modesty is not rampant in the bay area of california. now i am in seattle and while modesty is not rampant it's not berkeley either. yes, i think it's time to put together a river trip to utah for mr. roll and myself.

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