Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday in seattle

it's been a very good saturday.

first we were invited to attend a dance recital for the son of good friends. i want to sign up for ballet. do you think there is a teacher out there who takes middle aged women? i can onl yhope there is.

we took mom with us and she was able to sit through it all. she did get a little figgety after the intermission, but settled down and was quiet. it's like taking a 3 year old along. the difference is that babysitters are available for a 3 year old, and not for a 90 year old. mom is 90, but when you ask her how old she is she responds, "i am 90 years and 7 months." how on earth she remembers that is beyond me, but she does and it makes me smile.

after we came home mr. roll wasn't feeling very good. cancer sucks. he went to rest on the bed and i headed outside to straighten up the deck off the family room. that turned into watering the tomatoes and peppers, and then i started pulling weeds. after being gone for so long between las vegas and chicago, the yard is in dire need of attention. i've been trying, but there is just so much to be done so today i picked a section and began weeding. well, i hadn't changed my clothes from the recital so my linen skirt quickly became riddled with mud. i hadn't planned on doing so much, but once i get out there in the yard i just get carried away.

gardening is my love. i feel free out in the yard. soaking up the vitamin d. my skin turning a golden brown while my hair lightens to a white blonde.

tomorrow we are volunteering, with out church, at garrett park. i baked 100 cupcakes to take along. we are working in the park and then bbqing lunch for the skate boarders in the park and neighbors surrounding the park. mr. roll and i enjoy doing this with the church.

tonight, at church, i volunteered to help with vacation bible school doing the refreshments for the week. i also volunteered to be on the "green team". i haven't been involved in the church for some time and i am nervous abot stepping back in, but it is time. god be with me and help me live up to what i am signing up for.


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