Friday, July 31, 2009

friday at last

my oldest son, dylan, trekking through patagonia in argentina.

i'm not so sure why i am thrilled it is finally friday, but i am. it's not like i work out of the home all week and look forward to the weekend off. maybe it is because mr. roll and i have been talking about taking the dogs to the dog park on saturday and i am looking forward to doing that together.

speaking of mr. roll, he took me to my doctor appointment this morning. bad news is i have 2 kidney stones in my right kidney. this is my weak kidney. last time i had kidney stones i developed septic shock. shock is what hit me when i heard the results of my ct scan. you know it's going to be bad news when you get the call and they want to see you in person. however, this time it has been caught early, and mr. roll knows what to be on the lookout for--any sign of lethargic behavior and i am off to swedish (hospital in seattle). on monday i see my doctor again to either laser them or hopefully discover they have passed. i have meds to deal with it all and a diet to help bust them up. but i am frightened of going septic. scary stuff going septic.

it's hot. i bought an ice cream maker today. i have one of the ones that takes boxes of salt and lots and lots and lots and lots of ice. i wanted one of the ones you keep in the kitchen and it makes creamy rich delicious ice cream a la the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

i ordered one from and it will arrive monday. too late for the weekend, but there is always next weekend, and certainly we can have yummy ice cream all week long. this alone should add some much needed junk to my trunk. so i ordered one of them and then decided to go back and order a second one for my son as his birthday is on wednesday and i know he will love it.

we are trying to decide on our vacation plans for this year. we always go away in october, but this year i will be in the paralegal program at the university of washington in october so we need to go in september. we're torn between doing a disney cruise through easten caribbean, and doing disney world in orlando. one day it's one and the next day the other. everything is so cheap right now i wish we could just do both! not.

in preparation for vacation someplace warm (i've done alaska the last two years with mr. roll and made him promise we'd do warm and beaches this year) i went online to look at some clothes. at everything i liked was not available in my size. they had plenty of size 10, size 12, even size 2. where were all the 4 & 6's? i just wanted a few pairs of shorts and tops. i ended up calling my sister in las vegas and asking her to go to our favorite store in las vegas and find me some things to take. she loved it. she knows me better than anyone and knows what i like and what will look good on my straight boy body (no hips, no thighs, no butt). i also need to get a couple of new swim suits but i have to try them on before i buy them so while i am in nyc, visiting my son dylan, and my niece katie is with me, she and i will go shopping for swim suits together. i love shopping with her.
it's not a night for cooking so we're eating out.

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  1. I have plans to buy that exact Ice Cream maker at some point in the future so I'm interested in on yours works out!
    I'm praying for you and that you do no go septic, very frightening! Keep us updated, okay!