Friday, July 3, 2009

friday feelings

can it really be july 3rd already?

today was 90 degrees outside. we don't get a lot of days like this here in western washington. i love them.

i spent the morning cleaning up upstairs and trying to get it ready for kelsey to get here. on sunday we have to make a trip to ikea to buy a new bed to put in the office so she has something to sleep on. i am so excited for her to come. our first stop, after picking her up at the airport, is forks, washington. kelsey is the biggest twilight fan and cannot wait to visit forks and see where edward and bella came to life. i am thrilled to be able to do this with her.

we'll stay in port angeles for the weekend and then come bac home. we have a lot of things planned to do with her while she is here. i want her to have the best time!

today i took mom out to bonney lake to do some shopping. i ended up at marshells where i found yoga shoes and several new yoga pants and tops. i also found a dress to wear to the bbq at linda's house tomorrow, and of course shoes to go with it. and being as i am not the most patriotic person, it is not red, white, or blue. it's pretty. feminine and pretty. mr. roll will love it.

linda hosts a bbq every 4th of july and i love a potluck. tomorrow i am taking pesto pasta salad, deviled eggs, salsa and chips, and i baked a lemonade cake and will frost it tomorrow with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries.

mr. roll and i were supposed to go out to dinner tonight at salty's for our anniversary. were supposed to go. we didn't go. he is sick. sick. sick. i hate cancer so much. he assures me he really wants to go out with me to celebrate and we will. he promised we will. it will be random though depending on when he is having a good day. the joys of living with cancer. i want my husband to be better. to feel good.

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  1. I am excited for you and Kelsey, but I am sad Mr. Roll isn't feeling well. I hope he feels better soon. I know completely what you mean about random day to day...