Monday, July 20, 2009

monday musings

i have spent the last four months contemplating entering a 5th year program at university of washington.
what's a 5th year program? after graduating with a bachelors degree, one can go on for certification in specialized field such a earning a teaching credential. the program i am interested in is the paralegal program. at university of washington the paralegal program is administered trough the law school and it is 3 quarters.
25 years ago i took the lsat and was ready for law school and then i learned i was pregnant. a surprise. i put off law school and devoted myself to being mommy. i had a wonderful career as an msw and have no regrets about not doing law school. but now i want something more. i want to return to work but i don't want to do social work anymore--27+ years has been enough. i have been thinking about becoming a paralegal for sometime now and in the last 4 months have seriously looked into area programs and doing a lot of talking to mr. roll and god about it.
today i went to the informational meeting at uw to learn all about their paralegal program. i walked out afterwards with a little dance in my step. i was happy. i want this. my goal is to get my transcripts to them and have the application and cover letter emailed over on thursday.
the program is 3 quarters (9 months). it's intense. i will come out knowing how to do it and hit the ground running. i want to do immigration law. i want to assist all the people in the detention centers. i am still a social worker at heart, i just want a change of work in the field of helping folks find what they need and help them get it. i am very excited.
god willing this will be my reality.

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