Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wednesday wine

another beautiful day here on the plateau.

i was up early and off to starbucks for my regular triple grande latte, and then off to yoga. came home and grabed mom to run off to the market. mom loves to go to the market. then it was back home.

pulling up to the house i noticedthat bear was outside and i had a little panic attack. you see, bear will stay in the yard,l but his cohorts lucy and harley do not stay in the yard and escape by digging under the fence. yikes. thankfully as i darted for the front door i saw kurt's bicycle in the driveway and realized that he had let the dogs out and all was well.

kurt is mom's caregiver and a blessing to us all. whie he was with mom the rest of day, sitting out on the deck reading the bible and then playing dominos, i was able to get some work done. i took my laptop out to the backyard and worked at the table, trying to get a paper done for entry in the paralegal program at the university of washington. i have got to get this sent off asap!

of course the garden called me . . . so i did a little gardening. quess what i found when i began racking som leaves from a far corner? pumpkins! pumpkins i planted 2 years ago have come back to life this year. they have been sheltered from the elements with all the maple leaves on top of them and they survived and the plants look beautiful. i am thrilled.

dinner tonight is chicago style deep dish pizza. zak and i ate at pissaria uno while we were in chicago and it was the best pizza ever! so i looked up the recipe online and made it tonight. it smells so good. i made an antipasta salad to go with it. delicious.


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  1. Pumpkins?!?! Awesome!!! I would love to grow those...but I have no green thumb. Ah well.