Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tuesday thoughts

zak, my youngest son, sent me this picture that he took of me in chicago. we had been up since 3:00am, as we had to be at united arena (where the bulls play) by 4am. we were waiting for our dinner cruise to begin boarding and i was exhausted. i look like i'm in a daze, but i still like the picture.

mr. roll has been so sick. i had him to the doctor on monday (also had a test done on myself and it came back that i indeed have a uti, which is not a good thing for me as i have kidney disease and have recently gone septic.) mr. roll's condition is much more serious than mine. he has colon cancer that has spread to both his lungs and his cough is getting worse. painful. louder. painful for me to hear, so i knew it was time to call.

we had tried to call on friday, but the office was closed for the 4th holiday weekend. mr. roll didn't want to do the emergency room because his care is "different" from your average person showing up with a bad cough. he needed to see his oncologist or primary care doctor both which obviously know he has cancer and how it's being treated, and know that he doesn't have bronchitis.

after we left the doctor's office we headed on down the hill it ikea. i've been needing to get there for a week now to buy a futon. my niece is coming on thursday and we needed to get a futon for her to sleep on in the office. we've been wanting to get this for over a year now, so her visiting forced us to get going on it. in the process i am also cleaning up the office. i've told mr. roll that he is to keep it clean. i think that is one of those instructions that goes in one ear and out the other. oh well.
today i went back to physical therapy. i should have been back long ago, but i let my fear of failure and falling keep me away. linda, my pt is amazing and is already figuring out what to do to help me walk better. she is also agreeing that the yoga is perfect for me, in fact she asked me to please tell my good friend, kim, about it and encourage her to go wtih me. kim and i were meeting at starbucks, after i was done with pt, and linda joined us so we all talked about the benefits of yoga for people suffering from or recovering from serious illness and injury. kim is coming with me tomorrow to yoga. i am very happy.
and i didn't fall one time at physical therapy. i trust linda, for one, but i was able to and in fact did even better walking when i didn't try so hard to do it. i am going to get better. i know i am. it's been forever since i felt like this.

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  1. Mari, I'm so sorry Mr. Roll is not feeling well...hugs to you!