Monday, July 27, 2009

monday musings

i don't care how old children get we, as parents, never stop worrying.

i had a message, on facebook, from my son saying he was leaving for berkekey on friday. i assumed it was last friday and was worried that something had happened in berkeley and he had to get there quick. then i was worried about danny, his dog, and where he was. surely he didn't drive. sure he would have flown. he never takes danny with him. danny stays with us every time zak goes anywhere.

missed calls all the way around.

i called my other son to see what was going on. he's home in nyc and knows nothing. this was good as if there had been an emergency dylan would know.

today we connect. he doesn't leave for berkeley until next friday. reminded me his best friend from high school was getting married. danny will be coming to our house. he also asked if we could keep danny for the month of august, as it's their busiest time of the summer season and he's working 16 hour days. he knows he doesn't need to ask as danny is always welcome.

what a relief.

mr. roll will pick danny up tomorrow on his way home from work (since both are in seattle).

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