Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sunday Times

today it's all about the food . . .

the smells waifing from the kitchen are exciting. i've decided to create a mexican feast for dinner tonight. simple. delicious.

on the menu are chicken enchiladas complete with verde sauce. the tomatillos are cooked and pureed. the garlic and onion added. the cilantro chopped. the jalapeno chopped. all pureed into a liquid that tastes oh so good to the palette. the chicken is roasted and ready for shredding. soon will be time to combine and mix and create the dish topping it with mexican creme. again, it all smells so very good.

the beans are boiling on the stove. the onions added to the chicken stock along with three different kinds of peppers, salt and pepper to wed them all together. the smell is making my mouth water for a taste. the tasting is the best part.

waiting to be done is the ground beef for the tacos. i have all the peppers chopped, the onion chopped and the seasonings waiting to go in when i begin. as if cooks i will cut up the avocado, green onion, lettuce, tomato and shred the jack cheese.

all-in-all a very good dinner tonight.

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